Discover the Joys of the Aromatherapy Bath

Picture the scene; you’ve had a terrible day at work, you’ve missed the bus on the way home and had to stand in the rain for half an hour. You finally arrive home to find that the washing machine is playing up and the kids are squabbling. Sound familiar? Now picture a relaxing bubble bath infused with aromatherapy oils specially chosen to relax and invigorate. Yes, essential oils can be used for more than just massage! The good news is that you can buy a range of aromatherapy oils for use in your own home, and what better way to relax and regroup than luxuriating in a bath with a delicious smelling blend of therapeutic oils.

If you’re discovering the joys of bathing with aromatherapy oils for the first time, be prepared to become hooked pretty quickly. Best of all, however, is that there’s room for a little creativity here too, because you can actually blend different oils together to create new recipes.

Creating your own blend

The great thing about experimenting with different blends of aromatherapy oils is that there are so many to choose from so you’ll never get bored. There are plenty of books and websites where you can find out which oils will best meet your requirements; from helping to alleviate muscle tension to giving relief from headaches, you’ll find there are aromatherapy oils for every occasion. You can be as creative as you wish when creating your own unique blend, however, here are two important tips to help you blend safely and give you the best results for your bubble bath:

  • Always be sure to check the maximum dosage for the oils that you are using
  • When blending, only add one or two drops at a time so that you can monitor how your blend is changing. You should also be sure to mix well after each new drop is added

Recipes to try

If you’re new to the idea of blending aromatherapy oils, here are a few simple recipes to get you started.

Tropical Blend

Try blending Lemongrass, Jasmine and Coriander. This combination smells good enough to eat and has some excellent health benefits. While the lemongrass is excellent for dealing with muscular aches, the coriander is known to boost the immune system and the jasmine will help to regulate hormone imbalance. This blend is particularly suitable for a morning bath.

Tranquillity Blend

This blend is best for an evening bath. The tranquillity blend uses geranium, yarrow and marjoram to aid restful sleep and relieve muscular aches. This blend is particularly beneficial for dry skin.

Calming blend

This blend can be effective in elevating the mood and relieving anxiety. It encourages calm, and helps to clear the mind. The calming blend contains frankincense, ginger and neroli.

Feel‐good blend

The feelgood blend features coriander, vetiver, palmarosa and patchouli aromatherapy oils. This blend will boost the immune system but is also great for relieving sinus congestion and minor chest complaints.

Have fun creating your very own blend of aromatherapy oils, and  enjoy the joys of the Aromatherapy bath!

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